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In terms of sports and sports medicine that is about the worst word you can say. You don’t even want to say it out loud, ever, or you might jinx an athlete near you. Concussions have become a huge deal in the world of sports and sports medicine over the past few years. After a few extreme cases of famous people dying after getting one, people have been extremely worried about the safety of athletes. Well on Saturday this girl joined the thousands of other people in the world who have gotten one. 

On Saturday I was playing in a volleyball tournament with my team and I got a hit right to the face. Although it didn’t really hurt in the moment, when we were done playing that day I had a huge headache. I originally thought it was dehydration, because that usually happens after playing volleyball all day. But I drank a bunch of water that night and woke up with a headache still the next morning. So I saw our school’s trainer on Monday and he confirmed that I have mild concussion. 

The only thing that I can really do is rest. Which is kinda hard when its April and you have final projects due in a month. Unfortunately, being a computer science major means spending the majority of my day staring a computer screen, which is not really the best thing for you if you have concussion. Luckily my teachers have been very understanding and are giving me some extra time for my work. Although I am grateful that my teachers are understanding, it pains me to not have assignments done on time. I am the type of person who never likes to be late with anything whether it mean being somewhere on time or turning in assignments, I don’t do late. But with this concussion I am not going to push it. I’m just going to have to face the fact that because of this I will not be functioning at 100% and that will mean taking extra time and extra rest. But who knows, this could be my body’s way of telling me to slow down and take some time for myself. 

The worst thing about getting a concussion, besides it being the only part of my body I hadn’t hurt yet playing volleyball, is that the ONLY thing you can do to get better is rest. You can’t ice or take lots of pain killers to get rid of the symptoms, all you can do is rest. And it’s not the kind of rest that you do while you’re sick, lying in bed watching TV all day, it’s the kind of rest where you should be asleep or doing minimal brain stimulating activities. Doing nothing is almost just as terrible as being completely overwhelmed sometimes. Especially as a person who likes to be mentally stimulated, doing nothing it torturous. 

So if I am not very active on my blog, not that I haven’t really been lately, it’s because I’m trying to heal and not fail out of school. Two kinda important things. With that I will bid you all a-do and I will hopefully blog with ya soon! 

Have a lovely Thursday!

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Have you ever had a concussion?

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