TOLT #6: A Month Already?

Has it really been a month since I last talked to you guys?! Sorry I’ve been a little MIA lately, I have been focusing on living my life in-person and have been taking a slight break from social media and blogging. But don’t worry guys I am back, well hopefully.

In the past month I have made some changes in my life, some of which I am able to share with y’all!


I went on my spring break trip!

Me and Momma at La Mina Waterfall

Last week was spring break for my school. This is the first year I have not gone home for break. Instead I met up with my Mom in San Juan, Puerto Rico. It was amazing and so warm! I loved experiencing the different, yet similar culture on the island. Missing the massive blizzard that hit the NE was a huge bonus too. One day I hope to come back and be able to explore Puerto Rico more and the islands around it.

I have been making a huge effort to look for jobs in the CT/ Boston area, instead of FL

Originally my plan after graduation was to move down to FL and start a job down there. But lately my heart has just not been in it. Don’t get me wrong its a good job, but I just don’t think its the job for me. I am also extremely nervous about moving to a new start without anyone around me. My best friend and I have toyed with the idea of living in Boston together and honestly that sounds amazing to me. I would much rather stay here in the NE, even if it is freezing for 7+ months/year, than move down to FL all by myself. So I have been searching for jobs in the Boston, Hartford area. If ya know anyone looking to hiring in the Web/Software Development field feel free to help a sister out 😉

I have a renewed passion for the gym and getting strong AF.

Booty Gains?

If you follow me on IG you may have noticed that I was doing BBG from mid December to end of January or so. Well overall that was a bust, for me personally. But more on that later! I have since changed my mindset and have shifted to a bodybuilding style lifting schedule. My goals for the next few months are to eat healthy, less junk food and get as strong as possible. I have found a program that I really like and I’m excited to go through the program over the next 8 weeks. If your curious what program I’m doing its Jamie Eason’s LiveFit Trainer. I only do phase 1 and 2 because I don’t like phase 3, but that’s just a personal thing for me, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with phase 3.

I have been working so hard to start my capstone project, see here, and work on my semester-long projects.

If y’all read my post from about two months back, you might remember that I am working on my capstone project in order to graduate in May. With that has come a lot of late nights and trying to get things to work out of nothing. This is the first solo project I am doing of this size, typically I do projects this size in groups of 4+, so I like this project is just so much more work than what I’m used to. But on the bright side I really love this project and what I’m doing for it, so it makes working on the project a lot easier.

I got my bridesmaids dress for my sister’s wedding

The dress I picked


My sister is getting married in July! She has so kindly asked me to be one of her Bridesmaids. Seeing that the wedding is 4ish months away I thought it might be time to finally get my dress. I tried on a bunch of different ones and I ended up choosing this one, mainly because it would be in on time! The dress has actually already been delivered, it came in record time. It fits perfectly, no alterations needed unlike we originally thought!

I have taken approximately 10 food pictures in the past month

I basically eat the same 7-10 meals every week so I felt like it was repetitive to continually take the same pictures over and over again of the same exact food. Every now and then I would eat something ~a little different and remember to snap a picture of it. But for the most part I have taken about 10 food pictures of the past month and I have no shame. Hopefully my food will change a little bit soon or y’all might get a little tired of my same food pics. On the bright side my taste buds never seem to get tired of these foods 😛

My FitBit broke again!

Back in October or so my Fitbit HR broke. The piece that surrounds the charging port on the back fell off and made it pretty much impossible to charge. Fitbit was nice enough to replace it for me, free of charge! Well about three weeks ago it did it again! So I opted instead to just upgrade to the Fitbit Charge 2. I have really been wanting a new style, and some of the new features on the watch so it breaking again was the perfect opportunity. I opted for the pretty turquoise/blue this time instead of black!


That’s all that has really been happening in my life the past month or so. Between school, work and fitness my life isn’t really that exciting, unless you count those things excited. Hopefully I will have a little more time to put up some blog posts for you guy, but school does come first around here unfortunately so if I go MIA just know that it’s not you it’s me, and mainly school!


I hope you all have a lovely Tuesday !

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