TOLT 5- So Close Yet So Far

So snappy intro today cause this chick is tired. I really need to stop waiting till super late at night to write these posts. But lets let the randomness commence!

Linking up for TOLT!

I am so close to spring break!

The hotel in San Juan

3 weeks and 1 day. I can do this!

I have no idea which swim suit to buy

1 top left, 2 top right,

3 bottom left, 4 bottom right

They are all around the same price $15-20 and are all from target but I still dont know which one. 4 is probably my least favorite cause the front looks too bra-like to me for a swimsuit. Which one would you buy?


There’s something about playing noncompetitive volleyball the really rejuvenates your love for it.

I have pretty much been playing volleyball since I was 10 years old and sometimes you lose that love for it when you focus too much on the competitive side of sports. But since I’ve been playing with the club team here at school is has become so much more fun for me again! 


Tofu + Rice + Lettuce + Sour Cream is basically a burrito in a bowl.

That’s what I’ve decided to call it anytime I use sour cream as my “dressing” for my salad. There have literally been times where I have gone to the student center for a burrito specifically because I want to eat sour cream. That’s probably weird, but oh well! 


Does anyone else use Bitmoji?

I think it is the most hilarious thing ever! Especially if you have it connected to snapchat. Snapchat will like put both your bitmoji’s in the thing and they are so funny! Some of them are kind of creepy but I think they are all hilarious! 


Also, there’s 30% chance of snow on Tuesday and I am 0% excited for that.

I’m so done with snow right now. It makes me so happy to know that in 4 months I’ll be moving to Florida and won’t have to deal with weather lower than 40F.

I’m really feeling order pizza for dinner tonight.

Who cares if I ate pizza for dinner Tuesday night? You can never have too much pizza! Also that Bitmoji is 100% me 🙂


I’m pretty sure all my teachers got together and were like we’re all going to have a text next week, ok?

I have at least 3 tests/quizzes next week and I am so not prepared for any of them! At least I have a 5 day weekend to study, cause I seriously need to get my butt into gear and get some studying done.


I was going through my old blog picture archives and I found this baby!

This is from my first day of college. I was such a baby! I can’t believe how long ago that was, fall 2014. And now I’m graduating in 4 months. Oh man does time fly. Also I pretty much look exactly same except my hair is darker.


Questions for you!

What swim suit would you buy?

Whats yours favorite pizza topping? I’m a plain cheese girl myself 🙂

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