TOLT #2 – I NEED YOUR HELP | IIFYM & Calorie Counters Wanted!

Hello all! I hope my title is what brought you over because it’s true, I need your guy’s help. So for those of you who are new around here, WELCOME!, I am in the process of completing my last semester of college and I am a computer science major. A large part of being in my last semester is taking a Capstone class. Basically we each have to come up with our own semester long (15 week) project to complete. I’ve been struggling really hard trying to come up with an idea. Obviously I started with things I like; food, computers, sports, volleyball, fitness. I landed on that last one. I thought about what is something that I wish was out there for people to use. After tossing around some super complicated ideas and some way too simple ones I think I finally have landed on one.

Ok so backstory to the idea!

I have been using MyFitnessPal (MFP) off and on for a few years now. Lately I have been using it to track my macros. I have transitioned into using the IIFYM ideology and MFP is the *almost* perfect way to do so. One thing that I have been struggling with lately is finding the right food ratio to complete the allotted macros for the day. I will plan out my whole day and then I have something like 5f/1c/7p left and I have no idea what would possibly fit that. It’s probably the hardest part of IIFYM, trying to play Tetris with food. My mind would not logically know to go for an egg (those are the exact macros for a Costco egg in case you were wondering). So I often try to add different things, take away different things; fifteen minutes later and a completely redone meal I have made it work magically. If only there was something that would be able to recommend food very similar to those macros for me….. Hmmmmm……..

And poof! My idea was formed!

I have decided for my capstone project to do something along the lines of a food recommender. Basically you will give it the macros you are looking to fulfill and it will spit you out a list of food that will match those, give or take a little. I would like it to be able to look a user’s frequent/past food and make the top recommendations from that. It doesn’t make sense for it to be recommending me ground turkey when I’ve never logged it before. It would be connected with MFP’s API, which is basically their food database, and be personalized for each user. I dont want to get too technical explaining it cause half the time I barley know what I’m talking about in the tech world.

So now where you guys come in? I would like to know what you guys think of the whole idea!

  • Is there anything more you wish you could change about MFP?
  • Anything you would change about my idea?
  • Anything sound confusing, doesn’t make sense?
  • Are you less worried about it fitting macros and more worried about it fitting calories? (something very possible I could do as well).

If you hate/love it please tell me, I’m open to all opinions!



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8 thoughts on “TOLT #2 – I NEED YOUR HELP | IIFYM & Calorie Counters Wanted!

  1. OMG I LOVE THIS IDEA. I toyed around with the idea of IIFYM, but couldn’t justify the work on finding all these things that would fit, especially when I’m also usually cooking for my fiance who doesn’t do IIFYM, and doesn’t intend to.

    As far as MFP goes – I wish I could see ingredients of recipes that others log & create. Like, maybe I don’t need to do this all myself if your recipe sounds logical. Sometimes I’ll eat something at a work function & since it’s homemade all I can do is log my best guess. It would be ideal for situations like those. Or sometimes something sounds similar, but the calories seem too low. And while I would LOVE if that were true, it just doesn’t seem accurate.

    1. I totally understand, I hate having to log things when you have no idea whats in them and if MFP is anywhere near accurate. I could definietly look into doing something with the recipe portion of MFP, thanks for the idea!

  2. Very cool idea! I use MFP regularly, and while I’m not too worried about being a few macros off at the end of the day, I really like your idea.
    Perhaps the calorie ‘fitter’ would be easier to program to begin with though? As in, it could suggest which food to eat with the remaining allotted calories, out of the foods you routinely eat? So like the macro ‘fitter’, just in a more basic frame. I don’t know squat about this stuff though, so just a suggestion.

    1. You are totally spot on! I am defintiely looking into also doing a “calorire fitter” as well as a “macro fitter”. The calorie one is actually much easier to do and would be so handy for it to recommend food you commonly eat!

  3. I think this is a super cool idea! I count calories but not macros. One thing that might be nice is finding something to fit xxx amount of calories that is high protein/sweet/salty/high carb based on what I feel I need to cap off the day so maybe something that fits calories for certain categories of food?
    Also welcome back to the blog world!

    1. Thank you! Thats a great idea. I would to be able to have it recommend food geared toward a taste/flavor preference at the time, that also fits into the calories. I’ll see what I can do!

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