Thinking Out Loud Thursday #1 – First Last Day of Class

Guys I survived my first last day of class! Since I’m graduating in May that means that I won’t have to do the dreaded first day ever again! Well unless I decide to do grad school but that’s a decision for another day. But for now we will move on to the topic of the day, Thinking out loud Thursday!

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  1. Does it really matter what I wear on the first day?

Answer no. Its senior year and I’m in all senior classes and were all done with trying to impress each other.  It doesn’t matter that you chose to wear your sweats or your best dress, it just matters that you actually showed up.

  1. Why are you giving us homework…

It’s only the first day professor please no homework. Its already stressful enough starting over 5 new classes, meeting new people and settling back into the dorm but adding homework on top of that doesn’t make it any easier. Plus giving us homework when we haven’t been taught anything doesn’t really make sense to me, but I guess to each his own.

  1. When is spring break?

Yes I know I just got back two days ago but seriously when is spring break? Cause I want it to be soon. Some warm and sunny days sound so nice right now.

  1. I never mentioned my spring break plans!

The hotel I’m staying at in San Juan

I usually just go home and spend time with my family over break but this year my mom and I are going to Puerto Rico! I’m so excited guys, it’s very rare that I go on fun vacations and this is going to be such a good trip. San Juan is supposed to have some really cool historic sites and me being a giant nerd and all is very excited to see them! Plus, our hotel is on the beach, couldn’t get much better. I just hope I don’t come back burned to a crisp.

  1. I’m so excited for my job but also super nervous for it

I got a promotion type thing at work for this semester which means that I have more responsibility. I’m not sure if I have mentioned it but I’m a tutor for Computer Science Classes but this semester I am going to be like a “mini teacher” for one of the courses. I’ve never been a teacher and I don’t really plan on going into academia so I’m super nervous about this new part of my job. I’m excited to step out of my comfort zone but I know it’s going to push me a lot this semester.

  1. Why did I only buy 4 yogurts

Seriously Sean you can eat all 4 in a day, you need to buy more than that to last you two weeks. Well you live and learn. I guess I’ll be eating a little less yogurt till the next time I’m at the sore.

      7. Today was like second christmas with all these packages!

Seriously guys I had like 5 packages waiting for me when I got back to me dorm and I will have like 5 more coming in soon. I ordered 5 notebooks for class and Target decided that it was a brilliant idea to ship them all separately… I’m pretty sure the people that do the mail services at my school hate me by now.

     8. I cant believe I walked around with a tag still on my jeans all day

I was so excited to wear my new jeans I got, I didn’t fully check that I took all the tags off. So when I was walking to class I felt something weird and low and behold there was still a tag hanging around. Luckily it was on the inside of my jeans so no one could see.


That is all I can possibly think of today. Overall the first day of classes wasn’t too exciting but I’m excited for this semester and the things to come in these classes! For now, I hope you all have a lovely Thursday!


Questions for you!

What are your spring break or next travel plans?

Do you love or hate getting packages in the mail?


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    1. Glad to know I’m now alone with this conundrum! Maybe next time we’ll remember to think ahead, especially when things are on sale.

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