The Fire Has Been Lit

For those of you who don’t know, I have pretty much always been an athlete. I always joke that I came out of the womb playing volleyball. I played volleyball competitively from 4th grade all the way until I graduated college, that’s 12 years! After finishing my competitive volleyball career this past fall, I have been kind of at a loss as to what I want to do in terms of health and fitness. Playing volleyball past college was never an option, ya girl wants a stable future career.

I have been following a bunch of “bikini girls” on Instagram for over a year now. I have watched these girls transform their bodies into amazing works of art. The discipline, dedication and drive are all qualities I look up to in these girls. After following them on YouTube and IG and watching them go through these journeys, it has truly inspired me. I have decided that I want to compete in a Bikini Competition.

Now I know what you must be thinking, that these are just steroid-taking girls walking around in tiny bikinis on a stage, or you might be thinking of the girls in bikinis you see in magazines. Either way, those are not the type of Bikini Competitor I want to be. If you know me in real life then you know that I hate drugs, you’ll never catch me smoking or taking anything that I don’t think is absolutely necessary. If I am going to compete, then I am going to do it 100% naturally. No steroids, no magic muscle building pill, just hard work and dedication (don’t forget lifting lots of heavy things).

You may be asking, well why on earth would anyone want to starve themselves for 12-16 weeks just to step on stage for 10 minutes in a bikini? Well that is a very good questions. Whomever you ask that question, their answer will be different. But mine is because I want to test the limits of my body. I want to see to what point I can take it to (IN A 100% HEALTHY WAY!!). I want to see what my body is capable of. I also want to do this because I am an athlete. I want to compete, but the catch is that the only person I will be competing with is myself. It doesn’t matter what place I would get, as long as I bring my best self to the stage, that is all that matters in the end. I also want to have a goal. It’s been quite a while since I have felt this strongly about wanting to do something. I want to set these goals in the weight room and for my body and I want to see all that I am capable of achieving.

Now for my plan of action!

Step 1) Get as strong AF in the next 6 or so months
Step 2) Find a Reputable coach, none of those 1000 calories, cookie cutter plan coaches. I want a coach that will cater a plan towards me and my body.
Step 3) Find a couple different options for shows. NPC vs. IFBB(?) Possibly only local shows to start off.
Step 4) Spend way too much money on things like bikini, heels, tans, and cute workout clothes
Step 5) Bring my best self to the stage come competition day
Step 6) Have a butt-ton of fun along the way!

All jokes aside, I am extremely excited to start this journey. Now the first few months or so they are going to be solely focused on gaining as much strength and muscle as possible as well as getting my diet on the right track. After that I will see where my body and diet are and decide my definite next steps at that point. I hope y’all stick around and follow me through this new journey of mine!

Have a lovely Thursday!


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Questions, Comments, Thoughts on Life?

If you have any questions, comments or concerns please let me know. I tried to do my best to explain my thoughts and my reasoning, but I know there might always been questions I didn’t answer. I welcome all comments and hope to hear from you guys!

6 thoughts on “The Fire Has Been Lit

  1. I work with a woman – in her 40’s, divorced, full time mom of 2, full time boss with international travel – she’s been working towards her IFBB card for a while. Like, she’s the bomb. Give yourself more time than you plan – don’t be surprised by the unexpected or unexplained responses your body gives you. Good luck with your endeavor, enjoy the process, and go be a strong, ripped role model to other young girls/teens/women!

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