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Review: Walmart Beauty Box

Back in December (2016) I saw an ad for the Walmart Beauty Box. It was $5 a box and they would send you a bunch of samples once a season, so 4 times a year and you could cancel at any time. I thought what the heck, it sounds interesting enough so I signed up. I got my first box, Winter, in Jan 2017.

Disclaimer: I paid for all of this with my own money. 
No compensation what so ever. All opinions are my own!

Walmart Beauty Box


Walmart Beauty Box winter


When the first box arrived I wasn’t overly excited. They were decent products, some I probably wouldn’t have tried on my own, but they weren’t exceptional. Half the box was those small shampoo/conditioner samples that I almost never use and are just kind of a waste. The one great thing about this box was the mascara. I loved that it was a full size tube of Covergirl mascara. Its probably the only item from the box that I still use and I use it everyday.

The Curel lotion I used for a little bit. It was interesting. It’s one of those lotions that you put on right after you turn off the water in the shower. I still have it but always forget to use it. The reset of the products have since been thrown away or are stored in some random place most likely to never be used.



Walmart Beauty Box spring

The spring box I think was definitely better than the winter box. The travel size shampoo/conditioner actually came at the perfect time and I ended up just bring those with me when I went on my spring break trip. I still have the frizz-ease stuff that I keep meaning to try but always forget about, the travel size bottles are actually somewhat worth it to keep around compared to the one-time ones I got in the winter box.

I really liked the Biore face wash scrub. I have mixed it into my face wash regime every once and a while. I love the tingling feeling it gives you and I think it works decently well at getting the deep gunk out of my pores.

The one product that made this box was the Jergens Wet Skin Moisturizer. Now I am a very pale human so trying any sort of self tanner is always iffy for me. I tried this one on a patch of skin as usual and I was amazed that I didn’t turn orange the next day. I have actually used up this entire bottle and have since bought a full size bottle because I think this stuff does a good job at giving me just enough hint of a tan without making me look orange!



Walmart Beauty Box summer

I got the summer box about a week ago and am only excited for two products in it, the fake nails and the makeup wipes. I’m exited for the makeup wipes because I just ran out and I will need some this weekend when I travel. The nails look like they should go perfectly with the dress I’m wearing this weekend for my sister’s wedding which means saving money on a mani and cute nails.

Other than these two items I’ll probably end up not using the rest of the items in the box. Things like styling gel and body oil just don’t appeal to me and they are things I would probably never use.


Overall thoughts

I think that for $5 this box is OK. Fora all three boxes I have really only used 2 products in each box, the rest I just don’t really use, want or need. If the price was any higher I would not continue to get the box, but for $5 I might keep it around, at least until I see how the fall box goes.

If your someone that likes to get cute travel size items that you would never actually buy yourself then I think this could be the box for you.

No matter what its always going to be a hit or a miss with these, and some of the boxes seem to have slightly different products so that also can sway if its a good or bad box for you.

I will most likely cancel my subscription after the fall box because to me these are just not really worth it. Only liking 2/5+ products in each box is just not justifiable to me. Yes its only $5 but I don’t want to keep throwing out products that I’m never going to use.

Overall Rating: 6/10

Product Quality: 7.2/10

Prettiness: 9/10

Price: 9/10

Hope this review helped anyone who was considering getting the Walmart Beauty Box. Here is the link to their website if your curious about it.

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