I’m Really Terrible At This

Guys I know I said I wasn’t going to disappear for a month again, but I lied. With school, the concussion, job searching and enjoying time with friends I put blogging on the back burner. But I’m going to try to be better. Since it has been over a month I thought I would let you guys in on what I have been up to!

Also, Happy Memorial Day!

Graduating College

Y’all I finally did it! I have officially graduated College! I guess I can finally tell you where I went, I was trying to maintain some anonymity over the past few years. I ended up graduating Magna Cum Laude with a Bachelors of Science in Computer Science, with minors in Math and Business Management. Wow that’s a mouthful. Honestly I am so proud of myself for finishing school, doing well in school and for doing it in less that 4 years like I had originally set out to do (it took me 3 fyi 🙂 ) .

Finishing my Senior Capstone Project

DoesItFitYourMacros.com is live! If you remember my post a few months back asking for suggestions on my senior capstone idea, I truly took those to heart. I want this website to be as user friendly as possible and to be able to help as many people out there who want to live a healthy lifestyle. Although it is not 100% complete, I have plans to expand it to an even bigger food database, I think that as it is now it will be able to help others reach their goals.

Searching for Jobs, Job Interviews and a whole lot of job rejections

One of the unfortunate side effects of graduating college is having to get a job. Although for some people this may be the benefit, to each his own I suppose. For me it has been a long process and an insane one. I haven’t heard this many no’s in such a short period of time like ever. I think I’ve applied for over 50+ jobs and have only had a few that has been actually interested. I have no idea if i’m doing this whole job application thing wrong, but I sure don’t think I’m doing it right.

After a lot of debate I finally ended up accepting the original job I thought I was going to. Which just happens to be in FL 🙂


Flying Home for my Sister’s Bridal Shower

Instead of doing the whole graduation thing, I decided to instead fly home and surprise my sister at her Bridal shower! I had such a fun time, and it was really great to see my family. Now less than two months until my sister will be married!


Apartment Hunting and Moving In

After flying home for the bridal shower, I flew back to Connecticut where I had less than 72 hours to make my job decision. I ended up picking FL for reasons I can talk about at a later date. But since I have less than 2 weeks until my job started that meant I had to find a place ASAP. I went to 9 different places on Thursday and a few of them really stuck out. I ended up picking a gorgeous place that I absolutely love. It has 3 pools, a hot tub and a beautiful lake with a running trail around it. Since I came to FL with nothing other than clothes, I have been doing a lot of shopping in order to start filling my apartment. I never realized how much stuff you really need until you have to start from the bottom up. But luckily my parents will be here on Tuesday to help me buy some of the bigger items like a car and a bed frame. (I think they are really only here to go to Disney 😉 )
It was really hard to have to say goodbye to everyone in CT but I am hopeful that moving to Florida will be the best move for me, at least career wise. I have a good job here, a nice apartment and all my friends and family are just a phone call away. I’m excited for this new chapter in my life and I hope y’all will stick around with me to enjoy it!

Questions for You!

Any advice for an apartment newbie?

What have YOU been up to this past month?

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