I’m Back Baby!

Hi everyone! My name is Sean and welcome to The Veggie Voller. For those of you who may remember I started this blog back in January 2014. Well after almost a two-year long hiatus, I am back and hopefully for good. Now a lot of things have changed since I was last writing.

  1. I am in my last semester at college.

I currently go to school in Connecticut. I will be graduating this Spring and receive my bachelors in Computer Science, with minors in Math and Business Management.

  1. I have finished my career as a Division II Athlete

Since this will be my last semester in college and volleyball is a fall sport, I have finished with my collegiate volleyball career. I was very sad to see it end but I am excited to see what the next chapter of my fitness life brings!

  1. I did an internship

One of my favorite memories from this summer, petting Baby Tiger Royson

This past summer (Summer 2016) I did an internship with one of the top telecommunications in the United States. I was one of their Software Development Interns located in Florida. It was an absolute amazing experience and really solidified my decision that the tech industry was for me.

  1. I started BBG

Once volleyball ended I didn’t really know what to do with my workouts. Of course I wanted to stay in shape, but other than that I didn’t really know what I wanted to do. Did I want to try and gain muscles? Did I want to run? I had and still don’t have any idea. That’s when I stumbled upon Kayla Itsine’s Beach Body Guide. It had the perfect mix of toning up/cardio/weights that I am looking for currently in my life.

  1. I got a job (well a future job)

After my internship ended I was offered a full time position with the company. It was a really great job offer and I gladly accepted. Which means after I graduate in May I will be moving down to Florida and starting a full time position in June. I am super excited for this opportunity and to see where it will lead me.


I’m hoping to be updating this blog a couple times a week from now on. But if you dont see my on here check out my other social media accounts, mostly IG, you’ll always find me there 🙂 Have a lovely day ladies (and gents)!


Questions for you!

How has your life changed in the last two years?

Any advice for an almost college graduate?

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