Full Day of Eating 6

Its been almost a month since I have done a WIAW and man have I missed it! Since there isn’t a whole lot going in my life right now besides school and job hunting (AKA stress!!), I have nothing else to take pictures of besides food and even that I have been failing at lately. What can I say I’m just a hungry girl and I keep forgetting to stop and take a picture!

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Eggs with Spinach, Cheese and Garlic Powder


Ok guys, I seriously don’t know what it is about garlic powder that makes eggs 10x better than without it, but I highly recommend trying it sometime. Especially if you already enjoy garlic, you’ll really like it in your eggs.



Yogurt bowl with cereal + Green apple + Emergen-c


Yes, this is the same photo from my last FDOE, what can I say I’m a forgetful college student who eats the same 5 meals? But yes I did eat the exact same thing for lunch as I did last FDOE 🙂

For lunch I wasn’t super hungry. I was pretty busy running around Monday morning between a phone calls, finishing homework and getting to work, so I made lunch super simple. Luckily my yogurt bowls always are protein back and help keep me full for hours.


Sandwich + Doritos + Peach Sprite

Since class ended at 430 I decided to do an early dinner on Monday. Since I have class from 3:15-9 with a gap from 4:30-6 in there, I usually just stop by my school’s student center and pick up dinner there. This time I went with a knockoff subway sandwich with Doritos and I believe it was Diet Peach Sprite to drink.


Oatmeal w/ Brown Sugar + L&L Cookie

Having class till 9 makes you want to come back afterwards and eat the world. Luckily I have oats and Lenny and Larry’s Cookies to hold me back. I ate the whole cookie in like 2 minutes and I have no regrets. These things are amazing. After eating I finished up some work, did a little studying and then was off to bed.

Because of my concussion, I have been prioritizing my sleep and health even more so than usual. I have been trying to get to bed at reasonable hours, but with three tests today (Wednesday) that has proven to be harder than I thought. Although I am feeling ALOT better than a week ago, I can tell that I am not back up to 100% yet, hence why I have not really been gymming lately. I want to spend that time on recovery and studying. Hopefully by next week I will be back up to 90-100% and be back at it semi-full force!

Have a lovely Wednesday!


Questions for you!

Have you ever tried Garlic Powder in your eggs?

How do you know when its time to take a gym break?

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