Full Day of Eating #4

Happy Wednesday Everyone! Is it still a thing to say happy hump day? Cause I don’t think that camel commercial will ever not be relevant. School has really been picking up around here, it’s like all of a sudden it’s not syllabus week anymore, not that I really ever had a syllabus week. But that just means I’m one more week closer to graduation! Now I know your all here for the real meat of the blog post, all the yummy eats. These eats are from Tuesday!

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Breakfast: (Pre-Workout) 8:30a

Banana + Emergen-C

Originally my plan was to wake up and do fasted cardio in the morning. But when I woke up I was STARVING. So I listened to my body and ate some food before heading off to the gym. I didn’t want to eat too much otherwise I would cramp up but this was just enough to satisfy me through my workout.


30 minutes on the elliptical while catching up on The Bachelor 🙂


Real life note: that has happened to me way too many times I would like to admit

2nd Breakfast:

Coffee + Protein mix 🙂

Every morning I have been having my usual Starbucks Natural Fusions Vanilla Coffee + Protein mix. My new protein just came in today so I’m super excited to add it to the mix. This is the perfect way to get my coffee in with some added protein. Plus, it keeps me satisfied till 3rd breakfast 😉

3rd Breakfast:

Double Protein Bread + Eggs w/ Spinach, Cheese & Garlic Power

Because you can never have too much breakfast!

Guys! My omelet flipping skills have seriously improved! My eggs didn’t turn into scrambled eggs this time. Hopefully next time I can get it from breaking in half. I highly recommend adding in some garlic powder to your eggs. It gives it a nice little flavor boost!



Oikos Greek Yogurt + Golden Puffs + Froot Loops

Will Sean ever eat a full size meal? Answer: No. I am the queen of small meals, but as you can tell I eat a lot of them throughout the day. Yogurt + cereal is my all-time favorite combo and this yogurt bowl did not disappoint! I am trying out the golden puffs which I got over the weekend and I’m pleasantly surprised. I think it’s because I bought the sweetened version, next time I want to try and find an unsweetened version to save on the sugar.



Protein Oats, Quaker Oats + Chocolate Muscle Milk

Guys I’m so sorry for this photo, these oats do not look appetizing. They were really delicious but the photo quality is absolutely terrible. These oats were enjoyed during a homework break cause that’s all I seemed to do yesterday was homework.



Giant Veggie Salad w/ Tofu + Pasta w/ Red Sauce

Dinner was a simple salad and pasta dish. I had a lot of carbs left over at the end of the day so it was a perfect time for some pasta!  I also had some (unpictured) diet mountain dew, cause dew is life! Pasta seems to be one of the only foods lately that will keep me full for hours.


Enlightened Sea Salt Caramel Ice Cream + L&L Snickerdoodle Cookie

How else do you eat ice cream when all your bowls are dirty? In a wine glass of course. My team got this for me as part of my senior gift and I love it! I feel so adult whenever I use it, even if it is just for ice cream.


Overall yesterday I think it was a pretty good day food wise. I have been sticking to my macros decently well. I was -9p/-41c/-1f, which I am 100% ok with! I was over in all categories for the day but I have been trying to really listen to my body and if I’m hungry I am eating. But more on that in tomorrows post 🙂

Thank you guys for checking out my little corner of the blog-o-sphere. Have a lovely Wednesday Everyone!


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Questions for You!

What’s your secret to making a non scrambled omelet?

Do you watch the bachelor? Who do you think is gonna win?

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