Full Day of Eating #3- Monday We Meet Again

Happy Wednesday and happy February! It is a cold and snowy one here in the Northeast. We got hit with a lot of snow yesterday, I didn’t even know it was supposed to snow at all. All night classes were cancelled last night and were waiting to see if any classes will get cancelled today. I love snow days but it kinda through me off my routine yesterday. It meant having to take an unexpected rest day yesterday, luckily I have the flexibility in my workouts to do that, but it still messes you up a bit. But there is absolutely nothing I could do about it so you just gotta take what life gives ya!

Today I’m coming at y’all with a Full day of Eating. These eats are from Monday. Mondays for me are very busy, but then again what day isn’t. I have 4 classes, work, my workout and always homework to get done. I pretty much hit the ground running when I wake up at 6:30.

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Pre-Breakfast/Pre-Workout: 8:00a

Vanilla Coffee w/ Vanilla Coffee Creamer + Milk + Muscle Milk Protein Powder

Yes I am that person that brings TWO blender bottles to class and YES I am that person that drinks from both of them during class. Sorry but how else is a girl supposed to get her daily water and coffee intake? On Mondays and Wednesdays I have class at 7:45, way too early!, and my stomach is just not up to eating that early and I’m also not up to cooking that early. So I have just been bringing protein coffee to class. Plus, the caffeine acts as a great pre-workout, which I just get done right after class is out. I’m still using my Starbucks Natural Fusions Vanilla Ground Coffee that my sis got for me for Christmas. I cant get enough, I’m going through it so fast I’m going to have to buy more soon :'(

Breakfast: 10:30

Kodiak Protein Pancakes + 2 Eggs + Sugar Free Syrup

Breakfast, the most important meal of the day and arguably the most delicious. Lately I have been digging the Kodiak Protein Pancakes with some eggies. I have been adding garlic powder and pepper to my eggs, add some spinach (which I should have done) and seriously it brings it to a whole new level. Perfect post-leg day food to fuel me up for some studying and a busy day.

Snack 1 and 2: 11:30 and 12:00

Vitamin Water + Greek Yogurt w/ Cheerios

While working on some homework I was getting a bit peckish. So I pulled out one of my vitamin waters and sipped on that. Half hour later I pulled out my yogurt and cheerios. Lately I have been into watching YouTube videos. Some of them out there are actually pretty informative and downright entertaining. Its really shown me a whole new side to fitness and bodybuilding.

Lunch: 2:30

Open face Grilled Cheese + Green Apple + Protein Smoothie

Lunch was super late today because I had work from 1-2 and wasn’t that hungry before I left, also I was running late per usual. I opted for an open face grilled cheese to save on the carbs and put them to good use later on in the day. I also had an apple and a chocolate protein smoothie.

Snack: 3:30

Coffee with chocolate soymilk

With six hours of class ahead of me I knew I was going to need some coffee to get me through. Just adding the soymilk wasn’t the best idea. It was still too strong of a coffee taste for me, maybe next time I’ll add some cinnamon.

Dinner: 5:00

Salad/Rice bowl w/ Spinach, Carrots, Romaine Lettuce, Brown Rice + Sour Cream

Dinner was eaten in between classes. On Monday/Wednesdays I have class from 3:25-9:00 so I always just brown bag it #noshame. Lately I have been brining rice/salad bowls. It surprisingly fills me up and I also get a whole bunch of my daily veggies in. I just add regular brown rice, cooked in vegetable broth to give it some flava, and add sour cream on top, because I love weird combos! I need to remember to get some shredded cheese next time I’m at the store cause that would be a perfect addition to this meal.


Dessert: 9:15

Enlightened Ice Cream + 1/2 Lenny & Larrys Peanut Butter Cookie

Post class dessert 🙂 I have always had a huge sweet tooth so I have been trying to find healthier ways to satisfy it. I found out that my grocery store sells Halo Top, Enlightened and Lenny & Larry’s Cookies, so of course I had to try some! I was actually super impressed with the ice cream. I tried the Enlightened Sea Salt Caramel with a L&L Peanut butter cookie. It was absolutely delicious! The cookie is more peanut-y than peanut butter-y but still absolutely delicious, plus with 15g of protein for the whole bowl how could I go wrong!


So I’m not sure if I’ve fully mentioned this to you guys but I have been following IIFYM. I can go more into depth on that at a later time as to why I chose to go this route. I thought I would use this blog to also help hold myself accountable to following my macros for the day. Now I’m not going to mention my exact macros because they are unique to each person and what works for me might not work for someone else. That being said at the end of the day I like to look back and see how I did with hitting my macros and I thought I would share that part with you guys. I ended up being -7p, -19c, -4f. Which means that I was over in every macro. I hadn’t planned to have the coffee so that it was put me over for the day. But I am in no way worried about that. I was craving (and needed) some coffee so I had it!


Now I am off for a very busy and cold day! I hope you guys all have a lovely Wednesday and enjoy the snow while it lasts!


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Questions For You!

Did you get any snow where you’re at?

Do you watch YouTube videos? Who are your favorites to watch?

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  1. Class at 7:45!?! I have never heard of that…. yeesh. My brain nor my tummy would definitely not be awake by then. Also – sour cream on rice is brilliant.

    1. Unfortunately my school has a few courses at that hour and I just happen to have to take one of them. I’m so glad someone else thinks sour cream and rice is not weird!

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