Full Day of Eating #2 – Getting into a Routine

Happy Wednesday day everyone, we have made it halfway! Can you believe that in a week it will be February already?! Today I am back with my Full Day of Eating! Now that I am somewhat settled in my school schedule, my eating schedule is a bit different. Unfortunately, my stomach doesn’t seem to like it, I can’t stop being hungry! I’m hoping that it’ll pass soon because I am feeding it plenty of yummy and delicious food! Now let’s get on with the (somewhat) pretty pictures of food!

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Breakfast: 9:00a

Coffee w/ creamer and protein powder

Lately I have been starting my day with a coffee protein smoothie. My sister gave me this, Starbucks® Natural Fusions Vanilla, Flavored Ground Coffee (11oz)(3 pack), for Christmas and I was pleasantly surprised how much vanilla flavor is in it. So obviously the logical thing to do was to add even more vanilla to it. I have been doing 2 servings of my Vanilla creamer and 1 scoop of Muscle Milk Vanilla Protein powder. It surprising keeps me full for a few hours, something that seems to rarely been happening lately.

Snack: Noon

More coffee w/ skim milk and cinnamon

I totally misjudged how hungry I would be by mid day and how long I would get stuck on campus for. I ended up going to the Starbucks on campus for some coffee to hold me over till I could get back to my dorm. They had cinnamon sitting out with the milk and cream so I decided to try some in my coffee. It was actually really good! I might make this a reoccurring thing!

Lunch: 1:30

Grilled Cheese + carrots + apple + left over cauliflower potato salad + water

Finally some solid food! Lunch was a variety of different food I had lying around. On Sunday I tried out a Cauliflower Potato salad recipe, coming soon!, and have been eating left overs from that since then. You really cant go wrong with a classic grilled cheese and some simple fruits and veggies for lunch!

Snack: 4:00

Zone perfect protein bar

During work I started to get a little peckish so I pulled out the emergency protein bar I always keep in my backpack. It was a perfect pre-workout snack to fuel my cardio for the day.

Workout: 5:00 Cardio

Tuesdays and Thursdays are my cardio days and boy do we have a love hate relationship. Luckily on Tuesdays I have The Bachelor and ANTM to catch up on. Those 45 minutes really fly by when your distracted by cat fights and cat walks 😉

Dinner: 6:30

Pasta + Marinara + Chocolate Protein Smoothie + (Not Pictured) Hard Boiled Egg












Dinner was some pasta and a protein smoothie. I have been trying to get better at not wasting food and one of the biggest things I can never eat fast enough is pasta sauce. So I have been making sure to try and eat it more often after I have opened the jar. Post dinner was a chocolate protein smoothie. I wish I would have made it with milk instead of water, #cheapcollegestudentprobs, because it would have tasted exactly like ice cream! I also had a hard boiled egg because protein!

Dessert: 9:00p

Chocolate Greek yogurt + Reese’s Puffs

If you don’t eat dessert what’s the point of eating all the veggies? I love to end my day with a little something sweet. This time it was a chocolate Greek yogurt with Reese’s Puffs piled on top. It probably wasn’t the smartest idea cause they all tried to make a run for it!


Besides eating, my day was filled with lots of little homework/beginning of class stuff to do. Its only the second week of school and already I feel like I have so much work to do. I guess thats what its like when your basically taking 7 courses, oh man what did I get myself into!


I hope you all have a lovely Wednesday!




Questions for you!

What is your favorite dessert/ nightly treat?

Have you ever tried coffee with cinnamon? Love it or hate it?


9 thoughts on “Full Day of Eating #2 – Getting into a Routine

  1. I’m not a huge coffee drinker, when I drink it I almost always drink it with cinnamon! At work we put the cinnamon in with the coffee grinds to brew! Have you tried the cinnamon dolce latte from Starbucks? Sounds like you might like it!

    1. I’ve pretty much not tried any of the Starbucks drinks. I will definitely have to try the cinnamon dolce latter next time I’m there!

  2. Hahaha – If you don’t eat dessert what’s the point of eating all the veggies? Love it.
    Tomato sauce…. right!?! Its always such a debate to even open the jar/can because I know I’ll either be eating it every day for two weeks or I’ll be wasting half. I’ve actually started freezing it before it goes bad. Works brilliantly!
    Grilled cheese. Mmmmmm. No better solid food than that.

  3. I can so relate. Having a change in schedule sometimes makes me ravenous–I get hungry at all kinds of inconvenient times.
    I had no idea that there was chocolate Greek yogurt. I need to figure out where I can find such a thing. Lately I’ve been eating a lot of plain ole’ chocolate for a nightly treat, but with the cold weather, hot cocoa or chai made with rooibos has really been hitting the spot!

    1. Chocolate greek yogurt is probably the best idea ever! I get the Oikos triple zero and it tastes exactly like chocoalte, plus with a little cereal on top its the perfect sweet filler!

  4. Seven classes?! That sounds like a heavy load! Every day needs a sweet ending, especially one that includes Reese’s Puffs. Lately, my favorite night time snack has been dark chocolate, graham crackers, and coconut butter. It is such a yummy combo 🙂

    1. Omg that sounds so good! I’ve been alittle skeptical of trying cocunut butter but I might have to give it a whirl!

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