Full Day of Eating #1 – Home Edition

Happy Monday everyone and Happy (Belated) Birthday to MLK! I hope everyone had a nice relaxing weekend, and hopefully a lovely three day weekend at that. I spent my weekend with my family seeing as it is my last weekend home before I head back to school tonight. My mom, sister and I went to go see Finding Neverland on Saturday and I HIGHLY recommend it! The actors were soooo good. I am so impressed whenever kids are amazing singers and dancers and oh boy were these kids amazing!

Since it was my last weekend home I thought I would do a Full Day of Eating, at home edition! Yes I know its my first FDOE but i’m hoping to make it a reoccurring thing on here! Now on to the delicious eats!

Breakfast: Oats w/ Brown Sugar and Cinnamon + PEScience Caramel Macchiato

Lately breakfast has been oats or waffles. This morning it was oats 🙂 I typically top mine with brown sugar and some cinnamon. I also tried out some PEScience Select Protein. I got a sample size of their Caramel Macchiato to try out and I am actually very impressed. It tastes exactly like what you would get at Starbucks but with a lot more protein.

Lunch: Cheese sandwich + 2 Hard Boiled Eggs


Lately I’ve been having sandwiches for lunch because I dont usually have them at school. This time I had my typical cheese, lettuce, mustard sandwich. With some hard boiled eggs for some extra protein.

Snacks: Greek Yogurt + Fiber One Cereal + Cheerios + Cocoa Puffs

Does anybody else love eating cereal with things other than milk? My dad things my mom and I are so weird for eating cereal with things like applesauce or yogurt. Granola is totally normal, so maybe cereal too?

Dinner: Deep Dish cheese pizza with garlic and spinach + french fries

Since my sister was home this weekend we decided to celebrate my parent’s birthdays. They were born three weeks apart! We went out to this great resturant that was right on the waterfront. Although it was 30F out and very windy, it was still a very pretty view and a delicious meal. It was really nice to have the family back together, even if it was just for the weekend.


Tonight I leave to head back to school for my final semester. Although I am sad to leave, I am more excited to finish up school! I have a lot on my plate this semester but I’m excited for it all! I hope you all have a lovely Monday!


Questions for you!

Yes or no to Yogurt and Cereal?

What is your favorite food combo?

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