August Goals

August Goals

Almost two months ago I started my first full time job. Since then I have not been doing a very good job of making goals and sticking to them. I have been spending way too much money, most of it was necessary but I could have gone without a few things, and not focusing on things that are important to me. I have been spending my free time watching netflix and not really doing things to better myself.

This month I am hoping to change that. I’m hoping that by writing down these goals, and sharing them with the internet, that it will help me stick to them. Previously when I used to do monthly goal posts, like 3 years ago, it was really helpful. I had some place to come back to every week and see how I was doing with my goals. It was great accountability. This month I am really going to try and stick with these goals. Along with these goals I have written out some action steps that will help me achieve them.

August Goals

Financial: Pay off the credit card bill

  1. Plan out weekly/monthly budget
  2. Don’t buy unnecessary stuff

My budgeting skills have seriously been lacking this past month. I have had a lot of big expenses and it has really taken a tool. This month I want to try to be a little smarter with my money and start to pay off all the money I had to spend last month.


Do 2 assisted pull ups with 20lbs

  1. Do pull ups twice a week
  2. Track my weights

Currently I am able to do assisted pulls at 50lbs x 10 reps (the less weight means I’m closer to do them unassisted). But I have also not been doing them as often as I would like. The only way i’m going to get better is if I continue to do them.

Stay on track with my macros/meal plan 80% of the time

  1. Plan out what to eat each day
  2. Plan out when I’ll go for a free meal

My trainer is thinking about putting me on a meal plan, so this goal may change a little bit. But, I have been a little too relaxed about my food lately, eating way too many carbs and not nearly enough protein. If I am going to compete next year, I need to grow my muscles and in order to do that I need to be eating more protein.

Work: Invest time in learning Angular2

  1. Find good sites/online courses to learn from
  2. Plan out the time I will spend learning Angular

If you have no idea what i mean by “Angular2”, don’t worry its just another programming language. It’s something that I have been using at work and I wish I was better at it. So I want to spend more time learning the language so that it’ll make my job easier.

Life: Plan Labor day visit to Rochester, NY

  1. Find Flights to Rochester
  2. Look up things to do there
  3. Save money & budget for this trip

Labor Day weekend I am flying up to Rochester to spend time with special people and I am so excited! But there are a few things I need to do before the trip. The main thing will be booking the flights because that will involve both saving up the money and planning the timing for it.

Apartment: Find a full size mirror for the apartment

  1. Check out different places to buy from
  2. Figure out how to transport it

I have been wanting to find a mirror for my apartment since I moved in. I have just been putting it off saying I don’t have the money or am too lazy to want to lug it back home. Then I get home and the next day wish I had that mirror. Well this month I will find a mirror for the apartment and it will make it home this time.

Blog: Write/Publish 4 blog posts this month

  1. Find topics to write about
  2. Set aside time to write
  3. Plan what pictures to take for the posts

I have seriously neglected this blog and I wish I hadn’t. Over the past 8 months school then work have been my top priorities and I have not made the time for The Veggie Voller. Well this month I am going to publish more and spend some time giving this blog some TLC. Hey this post counts as post #1 so only 3 more to go this month!


I really think that I can achieve all of these goals this month. I try to make them all where I would have to work for it but it is also attainable. Nothing its so out there that I won’t be able to achieve it, assuming I put in my full energy. We are already in month 8 of 2017, crazy to think about, but this month I am going to make it my most goal-busting, kick-butt month so far!

I hope you all have a lovely Thursday!

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Questions, Comments, Thoughts on Life?

What are your August goals?

Ever been to Rochester, NY?

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