August Goal Update & September Goals

Long time no blog y’all! Since I am the worlds worst blogger and haven’t blogged since my last goals post. Might as well see how I did on those goals and plan out the next ones for September!

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August Goals:

Pay off the credit card bill

I was able to pay off my last month’s balance on my card, but not this coming months. So I have not paid off the card fully but I have made sure that I haven’t accumulated any interest on the card.

Do 2 assisted pulls @ 20lbs

I was so close to being able to accomplish this goal! I tried last week and I wasn’t able to do the pull ups with anywhere near good form. I had to use my legs to help some because my arms were not strong enough. So I am going to move this goal to september and keep trying for it!

Stay on track with my macros/meal 80% of the time

I would like to say that this goal was a success. I tried to really stick to my macros or calories on most days. The days that I didn’t necessarily hit my macros, I tried to stay under my calories goal.

Invest time in learning Angular2

I think that as my work picked up this month this goal kind of came naturally.

Plan Labor Day visit to Rochester

Done and done. I booked my flight and planned all the things we are going to do while I am visiting this weekend. I am so excited to have a fun weekend.

Find a full size mirror for the apartment

I have the best big sister ever. Within like two days of me publishing my August Goals post, talking about wanting to buy a mirror, I had a mirror show up on my doorstep. She sent it as a gift. Seriously, how sweet is she!

Write/Publish 4 blog posts

Well this one did not go very well. I had a lot of intention to publish every week, but that didn’t happen at all. I have written out a few blog post ideas and a few draft but never sat myself and actually wrote and edited some of them.


The cover of my journal 🙂

September Goals

Financial: Pay off all credit card balance

This month I want to focus on seeing the credit card balance at 0. If all things going according to budget, I should be able to achieve this goal. Hopefully the labor day sales don’t get in the way.


Get into a routine,

Pull Ups @ 20lbs, Squat @ 135lbs, Military Press @ 55lbs

I want to start getting into a routine where everyday after work I head straight to the gym. I find that once I get home and pet Nala and sit down, I don’t want to get up and go to the gym. This starts with me making sure to pack a pre-workout snack and my gym clothes.

I figured that its easier to reach workout goals when I put them in numbers, so this month I really want to focus on getting my strength up and hitting higher numbers on my exercises.

Life: Write in Journal Everyday

At the beginning of the month I bought a journal and I love how pretty it is. I told myself I was going to write in it everyday, but I have not. I’m hoping this month I will be able to stick to this goal.

Food: Try one new recipe

I have been struggling to eat a variety of protein packed foods lately. So this month I want to try at least one new recipe to start expanding my horizons.

Blog/IG: Blog 4 times, Post everyday this month on IG

I will get better at this blogging thing eventually, right? Well I’m really going to try hard to blog at least once a week (4x month) as well as posting to instagram more. I’m going to really challenge myself to post once a day on IG and see what happens.


Its late, I’m tired so quick send off. Have a good Thursday y’all! Lets kick butt this month!


Questions, Comments, Thoughts on Life?

What are your goals for September?

Did you crush your August goals?



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