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Welcome to The Veggie Voller! My name is Sean and I am a 21 year old health and fitness blogger. I am currently a senior in college. I am originally from Washington state and have moved to Connecticut to attend college. I am a Computer Science major and I am minoring in Math and Business Management. Throughout my college career I played volleyball for my school where I was a Division II athlete. Since I am graduating this spring my volleyball career is over, but not my passion for fitness! My hope is that through this blog I will be able to share with you guys my experiences as a soon to be college graduate wherever they may take me.

I have been a vegetarian since 4th grade. The reason behind my choice to become a vegetarian is because I dont really like eating anything with a face. I think a pig or cow is too cute to eat. Plus it has really helped me stay healthy over the years. I never get those craving for McDonald’s or a hamburger like most people do. Fun fact: I have never eaten Bacon! Yes, someone out there has actually never tasted bacon. Frankly it smells disgusting to me, but to each his own right? I eat every thing else under the sun, or at least I try to. You will see me eating copious amounts of Yogurt and Oatmeal here on the Veggie Voller. Greek Yogurt and Chocolate will probably always be my favorite foods.


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I have played volleyball since I was in 2nd grade. In 4th grade I decided to play club volleyball and have been playing ever since. Volleyball is one of the best things that has ever happened to me. I have had so many great experience throughout my life that I never would have had otherwise. I have also met some amazing friends that will be and have been a part of my life for a very long.




I hope you guys like what you see and will stick around, I’m funny I promise!



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